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Puget OrthopedicRehabilitation Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation Puget OrthopedicRehabilitation Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation  

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About the Facility: Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation offers both physical therapy and chiropractic care, as directed by your referring physician to identify and relieve problems. Some problems require only onePhysical Therapy Outpatient Clinic for Orthopedic Rehabilitation specialty, some require both, but all patients and their physicians may benefit from a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the best of both professions. As a result, the patientís problems are identified more quickly, identified more accurately, and treated more efficiently.

Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation is located in Everett, Washington We treat all of our patients with the same care we would give a member of our own family. The patient sees the same therapist at all appointments. The referring physician receives an evaluation letter and monthly progress reports. All treatment plans are specific to the individual patient and emphasizes getting the patient into an active course of rehab.

Treatment includes education in understanding the cause(s) of the problem, development of strategies for prevention,This Physical Therapy Clinic will treat your neck and back pain as well as other musculoskeletal injuries and specific home exercise programs. Our therapy provides a greater tolerance for normal activities, reduces pain, increases function, increases understanding of the problem, and increases the patient's own ability to manage the problem. Many of our patients come from repeat referral sources like M.D.s, D.O.s, insurance claims managers, case managers, other P.T.s, and D.C.s. Many of our patients tell us we help them when others have not.


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